SPS Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship


Why Support the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund

Since its inception the School of Professional Studies (SPS) has made attracting and educating a diverse pool of talent a key part of its mission. We offer programs that reach students across the globe, educate students of all ages, and created the first fellowship program specifically to train talented students from HBCU institutions for a future at Fortune 500 companies. Your generous support will help us not only continue this key part of our mission, but grow it!


Does My Gift Make a Difference?

Every gift makes a difference! The Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund will measure its success by how many doors it can open for students, and how many alumni and friends make a gift each year. We will spend every dollar raised each year in order to provide an opportunity for an outstanding student. Please join us in making a difference and making SPS more diverse and inclusive for all.