Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide where to give?
No matter what your philanthropic passion is, there is something for everyone at Columbia. Through Giving Day, you can give to the undergraduate or graduate schools with which you have a personal connection, or directly address a global issue like climate change or social justice. You can choose a program like Athletics, or an area such as the Columbia Libraries or Columbia Climate School. Wherever you direct your support, your gift will change lives that change the world!
How do I make a gift?
Giving Day begins at 12 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, at which point you’ll be able to make your gift via this Giving Day website. Giving to multiple areas of meaning to you is accepted and encouraged!
Where do gifts go?
In addition to supporting school annual funds across the University, donors are welcome to designate their gifts to a program or initiative: the Zuckerman Institute or the Arts Initiative, for example. Annual fund gifts make an immediate impact, supporting the area of greatest need for a school or program and making a vital difference in the lives of students and faculty.
How can my gifts make a difference?
Gifts of any size provide funds that can be spent right away on the most pressing needs of the area you’re supporting. Columbia University relies on your annual gifts because endowment funding and tuition do not cover the entire cost of a Columbia education, and endowment funds—while absolutely critical to the mission of the University—can only be spent based on the original donors’ intent, and are often limited to specific areas. Your support on Giving Day comes early in the academic year, and allows our schools and programs to respond nimbly to opportunities and needs as they arise.
Will 100 percent of my gift go to my designated area?
Is there a minimum donation amount?
Yes, there is a $10 minimum donation for Giving Day.
Where does challenge money go?
Challenge money goes to the annual fund of the winning school, program, or cause.
When will this year's challenges be announced?
Details on this year's Giving Day Challenges will be available soon on the Leaderboards page.
Can donors make gifts from outside the United States?
Many international Columbians participate in Giving Day! Donors who pay taxes in other countries should review local tax laws and regulations or consult a professional tax advisor regarding their generosity on Giving Day. For those based in the United Kingdom, Columbia established the Columbia UK Fund Limited to help donors with tax relief. Donors in Hong Kong may give to Columbia and receive tax benefits through our Columbia University Hong Kong Fund registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Learn more here.
Can I give through a stock, Donor-Advised Fund (DAF), IRA distribution, or wire transfer on Giving Day?
Yes. Check out the Ways to Give page for more information.
If my employer offers a matching gift, does this gift count toward Giving Day totals?
Only the gift you make on Giving Day will be included in totals. However, as soon as your employer's matching gift is processed, it will make an immediate difference for students, faculty, and researchers!
Is it safe to make my gift online?
Yes. The information collected during the giving event is only used by Columbia University. It will not be sold or shared with any third-party organizations.
Is my Giving Day contribution tax-deducitble?
Yes. Your gift will be entirely tax-deductible. You will receive an email confirmation that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.
Can I make a recurring gift?
Donors could start recurring gifts on Giving Day, but only payments processed on Giving Day itself would count toward Columbia Giving Day—while the first installment would have been eligible for challenge funds, the grand total would not have been. To initiate a recurring gift today, please go to the main Columbia University giving site.
What other information do you collect?
Columbia University is committed to securing the accuracy and privacy of your information. The University uses this website to collect personal contact information, information about your employer, and credit card information. This information is used primarily to process donations to Columbia. In addition, your information could be used to create a record about you in our alumni and donor database, or to update your existing record. This information will be available to Columbia schools, offices, and departments for University-related activities. Your credit card number is never stored in your Columbia record. Learn more about our privacy policy here.
Who took the photos that on the Giving Day website?
Thank you to Mike McLaughlin, Eileen Barroso and Sirin Samman who took the photos that appear on the Giving Day website.