The Barnard Annual Fund


Barnard practices need-blind admissions for domestic first-year applications. This means the College does not consider a student's financial need, nor a family's financial circumstances when evaluating an admissions application. We are dedicated to providing all of our students with financial support and this academic year, the College will provide approximately 25 percent more in financial aid than last year, nearly $60 million, representing approximately 21 percent of the College's operating budget. Tuition covers only a portion of this budget, and in order to fill the gap, Barnard needs your support.


We believe that all students deserve the resources they need to thrive. That’s why the College started Safety Net—a direct-to-student relief fund—to finance student requests for college necessities they can’t afford, such as health service fees, laptops, coats and other winter clothing, help with unexpected life events, flights home, and so much more. Donations to Safety Net support the work Access Barnard does to make the college experience more equitable.


Barnard’s financial health depends on a robust Annual Fund. Annual gifts are vital, and their impact is immediate. They are plugged directly into Barnard’s budget, allowing the College to address its most pressing needs. These gifts provide critical, directly spendable support for every student activity on campus, every academic department, every performance, lecture, and exhibition. They are integral to the functioning of the College; they make the student experience what it is by filling the gap between tuition and the true cost of a Barnard education.

Every gift—of any amount—to the Barnard Annual Fund on Giving Day works to make the Barnard experience more equitable and directly benefits students. The Barnard community is powerful; collectively, your generosity makes an enormous difference. Just as every vote in every election matters, every donation to the Barnard Annual Fund adds up to help build the Barnard we want for our students.