Columbia School of Social Work

Developing Leaders in Social Work


Social workers intimately understand the importance of policy implementation when it comes to the promotion of human rights and social justice. The School of Social Work offers a Policy Practice specialization through which students develop the tools to successfully conduct policy analysis and advocacy, working in community organizations, public interest groups, and various government agencies. Our students, with their refined social work skills, are given the opportunity to fully realize their commitment to drive systemic social change through the powerful lens of one of the world’s most rigorous academic institutions.


The School of Social Work offers a wide variety of programs and initiatives that allow our students to participate in renowned research opportunities. Our research centers focus on social justice, global health, substance abuse, juvenile justice, family well-being, and much more. Led by outstanding faculty members with diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences, our programs are action-oriented and collaborative, giving students the ability to produce innovative and intersectional work at Columbia and beyond.


Advocacy is one of our standing pillars here at the School of Social Work. To deepen our commitment to social justice, equity and inclusion, and more specifically overcoming anti-blackness, in 2019 CSSW created the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). The DEI Office oversees and develops programming and services that link issues of diversity, multiculturalism, inclusion, intersectionality, and social justice for students, faculty and staff. Supportive spaces will allow students to process their experiences in classes and field as a BIPOC student in a predominantly white institution (PWI).

Social Workers are uniquely positioned to help solve the most difficult policy issues of our lifetime. They are also the leading mental health practitioners in the United States. Our alumni live all over the world supporting communities and individuals in thriving. Your gift supports the next generation of social workers to participate in renowned research opportunities and take advantage of the wide range of resources our school has to offer. Lessening the financial strain that some of our students face enables them to more easily focus on their commitment to drive systemic social change through the powerful lens of one of the world's most rigorous academic institutions.