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Today is a great day to change the world. On Columbia Giving Day, your gift and your participation count for more. Your giving decides how schools, programs, and initiatives are awarded matching funds from Columbia’s Trustees.

The units with the most donations or participation will be awarded a portion of the total matching funds. You can also earn bonus funds for your cause through a series of hourly challenges that will be announced throughout the day via social media.

Main Match Challenge: $200,000

Every school and program will win a share of $200,000, based on their percentage of the total amount raised on Columbia Giving Day. Matching funds will go to each school or program’s annual fund.

* A maximum of $250,000 per gift will be counted toward the Main Match Challenge.

  School/Program Amount Raised % of Total Bonus Give Now

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Alumni Participation Challenge: $75,000

The five schools with the greatest participation percentage will win a share of the $75,000 pot.

  School Participation Bonus Give Now

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Hourly Challenges & Special Contests: $121,000

Schools, programs, and initiatives can win special prizes throughout the day. Participating in our random hashtag or Columbia Blue selfie challenges? When posting to social media, please include #ColumbiaGivingDay and be sure to call out the school, program, or initiative you support. The winners will be announced by CAA on Twitter/Facebook.

Schools, programs, and initiatives are eligible for additional matching funds once the total number of student gifts reaches 1,000, and when our Impact Initiatives meet their goal of 250 gifts on Columbia Giving Day.

Time (EDT) Challenge Prize Winner
Raising the Bar Challenge: $26,000

Additional funds will be awarded to the areas that raise the bar by surpassing their total number of gifts from Columbia Giving Day 2014.

  School/Program 2014 Gifts 2015 Gifts % Increase Give Now

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