On Columbia Giving Day, thanks to the generosity of our University Trustees, your gift and your participation count for more. Your giving decides how matching funds from the Trustees are distributed to our schools, programs, and initiatives.

Leaderboards & Challenge Results

You can earn bonus funds for your cause through our hourly challenges, and there will be a special challenge based on our volunteer fundraising platform, too. Programs that participated in Giving Day 2015 can earn additional funds through the Raise the Bar Challenge, by surpassing their gift count from last year. Winners will be posted here and announced on social media.

Raising the Bar Challenge

Additional funds will be awarded to the areas that raise the bar by surpassing their total number of gifts from Columbia Giving Day 2015.

Overall Dollar Challenge

Every school, program, and initiative will win a share of the matching challenge, based on their percentage of the total amount raised on Columbia Giving Day. (And gifts to school and unit crowdfunding projects will count towards the matching challenge, too!) Matching funds will go to each participant’s annual fund.

* A maximum of $250,000 per gift will be counted toward the Overall Dollar Challenge.

Alumni Participation Challenge

The five schools with the greatest participation percentage will win a share of the Participation Challenge pot.

Hourly Challenges & Winners

Schools, programs, and causes can win special prizes throughout the day.

Giving Day Volunteer Challenge

These challenge funds will be shared among each school, program, and impact initiative that reaches at least 50 gifts through the volunteer fundraising platform.

Text CGD2016 to 444999 to become a Giving Day Insider*