Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro - Columbia Giving Day 2019
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Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro

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Driving Our Purpose

Columbia Global Centers I Rio de Janeiro works to promote Columbia in Brazil by creating opportunities for the academic community to interact with its local partners. The Center finds success when ideas created in this process become projects that connect civil society, academia, and government, and that can help find solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.


From Research to Impact

Research and teaching by Columbia University faculty can directly address global challenges. Through the creation and sharing of knowledge, our faculty foster interdisciplinary collaborations that contribute to key issues around the world. Your support can help Columbia University permanently establish the resources needed to underwrite innovative global projects and research on relevant and timely topics ranging from forced migration to extremism to climate change. With the support of our partners and local audiences in Brazil, our Centers will be able to respond quickly and positively to support the creation of knowledge that impacts the University and the world.