Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul


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Since 2012, Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul has been an important academic and cultural bridge between Columbia University and universities in Turkey and the region, as well as with civil society and other institutions. Over the years, the Center has hosted 207 Columbia faculty members doing research, building networks and participating in workshops and public lectures in Turkey and the region, along with their local and regional colleagues.


Help Us Transform Research Into Impact

This year on Columbia Giving Day, we would like to bring your attention to the need for academic research and collaborations during COVID-19. The pandemic has emphasized the importance of the work of the Global Centers; whether that be inter-regional dialogue on issues such as new resources in the Eastern Mediterranean or invaluable discussions of finding a global solution to the health problem, the conversations held allow for a space to discuss new ways of knowledge production and scientific innovation. We aim to continue our work bringing Columbia and local scholars and students together via webinars, masterclasses, research, and capacity-building projects. Your donation will help support faculty who may seek to continue their existing research on global and regional themes, and to faculty who may be incorporating this region into their research for the first time. Please support Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul on October 20 to help us continue this important initiative to bring Columbia, Turkey, and the world closer together.