Let’s Come Together to Change Lives That Change the World

About the Day

On Giving Day, Columbians come together. We take on global issues like climate change and social justice through new causes and crowdfunding opportunities, and we give back by supporting the schools and programs that changed our lives.

For 24 hours on October 26, our gifts will go further, amplified by challenge match funds from the University Trustees. Get ready to set new records, celebrate your Columbia connections…and change lives that change the world.

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Coming Soon

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From signing up for behind-the-scenes updates, to setting up your personal Giving Day fundraising page for the cause or school you care most about, there are lots of ways to get more involved!

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Leaderboards and Challenges

Challenge match funds will be allocated to schools, programs, causes, and initiatives based on their performances in our hourly challenges, daylong competitions, and special contests. In mid-October, we’ll announce this year’s competitions…get ready to join the fun and make your voice heard!

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